Picnic, Tailgate & BBQ Products for Men

We have just completed entering a large selection of Picnic, Tailgate & BBQ Products sure to interest any man. Whether he is into grilling in the parking lot prior to a big sports event (see picture above), picnicing with a loved one in a park, or barbecuing in the back yard for his family and friends, CoolStuffForDads.com is sure to offer a product he can use. Click here>> to check out these fine products.

Arena Football League Champions

I wanted to congratulate the Philadelphia Soul on their win yesterday against a very formidable San Jose SaberCats to become the ArenaBowl XXII Champions. Actually, I thought the Soul had it all wrapped up at the end and the SaberCats put on a pretty good end of game rally; but just came up a little short. We went to our first Arena Football game this past April - it was a lot of fun and I hope to go again next season. Next up on the football scene will be the Philadelphia Eagles!

Brother's Day - Aug. 11th

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company is a well known organization in the craft beer industry. Kurt and Rob Widmer, brothers and founders of Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in 1984, are highlighting Brother's Day on Aug. 11th to celebrate a day dedicated to brotherhood. Their site also offers the ability to create and send a Brother's Day e-card - pretty cool. Check it out here or here: www.widmer.com/brothers/Default.aspx.


Heavy Rain

Well, having just posted yesterday about some of the rain storms we have had lately I felt compelled to snag a photo of the rain we had yesterday. I got caught in this while out jogging, about 5 minutes from home, I tried to stay under the trees until I got home. Needless to say the flowers will not need a drink for a while. This gives me the idea that CoolStuffForDads.com needs to offer a few umbrella gift options for men.

Reel Lawn Mowers

Thinking back on the local weather this summer it seemed we had a pretty wet Spring followed by a fairly dry start to Summer. At times our lawn was showing signs of the lack of water and was not growing and turning a shade of brown. The last few days we have gotten a few rainfalls including a fairly heavy rain storm last night. The grass seems to be enjoying this and is showing signs of growth.

And for those Dads with lawns to mow, you might consider the RazorCut Push Mower - a quality 38 cm reel lawn mower from Brill.

Be sure to also check out other tools and home improvement products we have featured.

2008 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

What an exciting All-Star game last night and (Home Run Derby the night before). We weren't able to catch the entire game but we did see the highlights this morning. From what I understand the longest All-Star game ever. In honor of the game and baseball in general we wanted to highlight a Baseball Sports Bracelet and Baseball Sports Necklace - these beaded baseball products are made with a ceramic baseball bead strung on a Neoprene (Rubber) band. The bracelet band measures 12" so it will fit all wrist sizes when knotted and is comfortable to wear; it currently is priced at $10.00. The necklace band measures 24" and currently sells for $15.00. These items are sure to be a "hit" for your little slugger!!

Dads and Major League Baseball

Took the boys down to watch the Philadelphia Phillies play the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday for a day game. The weather was great, it was a good game, and the Phillies won - including 2 home runs by Ryan Howard. Many times when I am out on trips like this I am thinking about gift ideas for him. Of course, the easy one that comes to mind when you go to a professional sports event is tailgate products. We did not tailgate yesterday, but I did take out my cash each time to pay for lunch, sodas, ice cream, etc. This had me think about another gift idea that can come in handy while you are managing your bills, since I have one myself, which is a personalized money clip. I find that having money in my front pocket bound together via a money clip is much easier to handle than taking from my wallet. Like anything a personal preference, but something to consider when shopping for gifts for men.

Personalized Jewelry for Men

CoolStuffForDads.com is pleased to announce that it has recently signed an agreement with MJennings Designs, LLC to offer the MJennings Designs personalized jewelry in its online store. Of course, since CoolStuffForDads.com specifically targets unique gifts for men, the jewelry selection will also be targeted at the male audience.

The first gift idea for him that has been selected is a beaded DAD bracelet. This men's bracelet is made with sterling silver alphabet block letters for personalization and is strung on a neoprene (rubber) band which measures 12". The bracelet ties so it will fit any wrist size when knotted. The beaded DAD bracelet currently has a starting price of $20.00 and includes 3 letters for the personalization; additional letters can be added for an additional fee.

Be sure to check out this exciting bracelet and be on the look out for other new product additions to CoolStuffForDads.com.

Philadelphia, PA - Fun, History and Games

The family decided to venture into the city this past 4th of July Holiday Weekend. We stayed very close to the Independence National Historical Park which offered lots to see and do. We especially enjoyed the Liberty Bell. It's really great picking up on the historical events as an adult, things we have either forgotten or just never picked up as kids. We also ventured to Dave & Buster's, which offered games and food - we had a lot of fun there. Speaking of games, be sure to check out the Games Section of CoolStuffForDads.com for a variety of products that will surely entertain.

4th of July Barbecue

Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate our Declaration of Independence. One of my children this past school year had a project on John Hancock which gave me a little better insight into this great holiday.

Many of us either entertain or go to parties, swim, play yard games, watch fireworks, and barbecue. We here at CoolStuffForDads.com are currently adding some excellent picnic and BBQ products which are sure to useful for these events. For example, you might check out the Inferno stainless steel BBQ tools, which offers five stainless steel BBQ tools in an attractive storage case (see for yourself in the above image).

Whatever you decide to do this 4th of July, be safe and have fun!!