Dads and Major League Baseball

Took the boys down to watch the Philadelphia Phillies play the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday for a day game. The weather was great, it was a good game, and the Phillies won - including 2 home runs by Ryan Howard. Many times when I am out on trips like this I am thinking about gift ideas for him. Of course, the easy one that comes to mind when you go to a professional sports event is tailgate products. We did not tailgate yesterday, but I did take out my cash each time to pay for lunch, sodas, ice cream, etc. This had me think about another gift idea that can come in handy while you are managing your bills, since I have one myself, which is a personalized money clip. I find that having money in my front pocket bound together via a money clip is much easier to handle than taking from my wallet. Like anything a personal preference, but something to consider when shopping for gifts for men.