It's the Thought (fulness) That Counts

I wanted to carry on a point from the last post and on the adage, "it's the thought that counts". I think there is a lot of merit in this and wanted to take it a step further to say that "it's the thoughtfulness that counts". I actually googled this and found some other folks making this same point. What I think is meant by this is you can have the thought of buying a gift, go to a store or shop online and pick out something very nice for the recipient you are shopping for, but thoughfulness expands on these efforts. It takes it a step further by your taking the added time to really think about what's going on in the life of your gift recipient and, again, brainstorming for some gift that has great relavance to the interests and current activities of that person. It's the added time and thought that will make that gift great. So if you are shopping for Birthday presents, Father's Day Gifts, Christmas Gifts, or some present in general, remember, "it's the thoughtfulness that counts".