More snow stuff for men

Continuing on the idea of Winter Sports I thought I would brainstorm some more snow related stuff that men would either enjoy or find useful (and most times those useful gifts are just as appreciated as those that are "fun" related, if you know what I mean).  So here goes the brainstorm: ice melt products like rock salt and related accessories, like spreaders; toys and games for men for after the day on the slopes and playing in front of the fire; mugs and glasses for holding his favorite beverage for after a day on the slopes; a windshield cover to protect against the snow; an ice scraper; a coupon book of car washes; a top of the line snow shovel (I often find myself buying the least expensive but wish I had a better shovel); fireplace accessories; outdoor skating rink kit; snow shoes ... feel free to comment with other ideas and links to other related products.  I'll be sure to post again if I can come up with a decent list of additional ideas.  For now, hoping there is some snow in your forecast!