Guy's Exercise Equipment

Despite the skiing this winter, I still have managed to put on a couple of pounds - OK more than a couple. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and so on, I guess I can't really be too suprised.

While I am not a health expert, I know from personal experience, that there are a couple ways I can lose weight. The first is to cut down on the amount of food and drink I consume. The second is to be more consistent about my exercise routines. And with the weather still being a little questionable, I personally like the treadmill for getting a good workout. For product information you can follow the below link for a treadmill which would make a great choice:

Proform C 525 Treadmill

In addition to being able to stay warm and dry on a treadmill, you can also have easy access to the television to catch your favorite sports channel, financial updates, news, movies, sitcoms, etc.

Of course, it is advised that people starting an exercise program should consult their physician.