Guy's Guide to the Red Carpet

Well the Annual Academy Awards were on last night and unfortunately I wasn't able to catch much of it. Also unfortunately, I can't say I am too familiar with many of this year's nominations. That's probably been the case now for a few years. We just can't seem to make it to the movie theaters very often, and I tell myself I'll try and catch some of these films on DVD after they are released, but that never seems to happen either. I usually try to look for the good side of things and at least I am building a nice inventory of films to watch when life does slow down - I do enjoy watching a good movie.

In some regards, I like watching movies at home. There's no crowd, the snacks are cheaper, the walk to the bathroom is shorter, and your allowed to drink beer while watching the movie. Although there are certainly benefits to catching on the big screen, for example: the big screen, less likely to be interrupted, going out is more festive, you can always get dinner and drinks before or after the movie.

Well whatever your preference, home or movie theater, here are links to a few guy movies that I have always enjoyed and seem to be able to watch again and again (listed in no particular order):

Wedding Crashers - Unrated (Widescreen New Line Platinum Series)


Stripes (Unrated Extended Cut)

Old School (Unrated) [HD DVD]

GoodFellas (Two-Disc Special Edition)