Weekend Warrior Gear

Here is some truly unique and cool gear for the weekend warrior and below-average athlete in all of us from our friends at Lard Butt.

In an era when overpaid professional athletes are making headlines from everything from steroid use to pouting over $5 million per-year salaries, Lard Butt celebrates those of us who just want to get into the game -- even if we get severely winded getting TO the game!

From a fun group of guys this is some truly fun apparel, including the Lard Butt hoodie, great for hanging out around the house, doing yard work, or even playing sports! They also offer Lard Butt-branded golf, athletics, skiing, and snowboarding apparel, with more coming online soon.

Athletic Dept. Hoodie shown above @ LardButt.com

Additional gear also @ LardButt.com