Thursday, December 2, 2010

WiseHooker™: Clean-n-Flip Grill Tool

WiseHooker™: Clean-n-Flip Grill Tool
Brand: WiseHooker™
Item model number: 6700

Product Description:
The WiseHooker™ is a quality innovation that makes BBQ grilling safer and easier than ever. The unique design combines the functions of several tools in one! Does the job of a grate cleaning tool, grate removal tool, tong, fork, spatula and more. With just a quick flip of the wrist securely and quickly lift and turn: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, hamburgers, hot dogs, & more! Cleans better, safer and cheaper than wire brushes or other cleaning tools. Simply push the grate cleaning side of the tool back and forth using the correct size notch. Clean the underside by “hooking” under the grate with the hooks and push back and forth. Underside cleaning reduces flare ups. Very efficient, allows you to clean while you cook. Reviewed and strongly recommended by professional BBQ judges.

Product Features:
• Designed for both right and left hand
• Long 18” length helps prevent burns
• Made of surgical grade stainless steel, won’t corrode, exceptionally strong
• Branded Ash hardwood handle, durable finish and leather hanging strap
• Surrounds and easily cleans the top, sides and underside of the grate
• Cleans most types of grills & grates: cast-iron, steel, or porcelain
• Helps keeps food clean. Does not scrape up grill grit like a spatula or tongs
• Limited lifetime warranty

WiseHooker™: Clean-n-Flip Grill Tool
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