The Bare Essentials when Buying For Dad

Do you find yourself struggling to buy a gift for dad? Do you rack your brain for days and weeks till you breakdown and buy the same tie you bought him last year? Many people give something they regret because they feel lost when shopping for their dad. They feel like they don’t know where to begin; no direction.

Let me help. Let me strip it down to the bare bones and give you the essentials when it comes to buying a gift for your father. I’ll help take away the confusion and even the haunting when it comes to picking a gift for dad.

Here are the basic tips to follow when you are choosing your gift for your father:
· Sneak attack your dad. Ask him what he wants in such a way that he’ll never know you’re asking. Talk about his day, find out what he’s got on his “wish list” and go from there. Do a little research and talk to your mom or his co-workers. You’ll find the treasure you’re looking for.
· Give him the gift that keeps on giving. If he’s into wine, buy him a wine membership. If he’s into cigars, get him in a cigar club that sends one a month for a year. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these kinds of gifts that keep on giving.
· Put a gift basket together for him. If you can’t think of a big gift, then take a trip to the supermarket and buy him a bunch of odds and ends of his favorite things and wrap it up in a big basket. All the little favorites will send a huge message of love and thought.
· Buy an engraved photo album or frame and fill it with pictures of you and him. Make it special and personal (check out personalized gifts at
· Other ideas are to buy everyday, useful products: a prepaid gas card, a magazine subscription, tickets to his favorite sports team. Dads love practicality, so think like he thinks and give him a gift that makes sense (as crazy as it might sound).

The most important thing to remember when buying a gift for dad is keep him in mind. Don’t just buy a gift to buy it – make it special with memories and thought behind it. Besides, it’s for your dad; the most important man in your life.

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