Top 10 Gifts of the Season

Trying to find the best gifts for dad can sometimes be quite the chore. Whether it’s for his birthday or Father’s Day or even the quickly approaching holidays, gifts for dad don’t have to be so difficult. Being a dad myself, I’ll make it easy for you when choosing a great gift for dad. Below is, in my opinion the top 10 holiday gifts for dads:

1. Daddy Diaper Bags. Okay, this is a favorite because I can't stand to see the dads at the supermarket with the big pink bag, flowery, trendy and ultra-girly. I really like diaper bags for men for this reason – no more awkward stares and uncomfortable glances. Dads can proudly carry their children’s essentials in a backpack that isn’t the center of onlooker’s conversations.
2. The Essential Tool Kit. A man can never have enough tools! Even if I have a few basic tool kits, adding another one will bring joy to my heart because it’s inevitable, I’ll lose something out of one and need another. Besides, there’s always another place in the house to store another tool kit.
3. Barware. Buy things dad will use every day. Things like shot glasses, beer mugs or whatever glass compliments his drink of choice.
4. Games. Whether a board game or an air hockey table, games are a great centerpiece for dads and children to bond around while having a ton of fun.
5. Humidor. If dad likes his cigars then a small, personal humidor is sure to bring some cheer to his holiday. There’s nothing more disappointing than purchasing a cigar and having it go stale in a few weeks. Trust me, this is a great gift for dad!
6. BBQ Accessories. Should I say anything more? Every man loves to BBQ, loves to eat and loves to share his master BBQ creations with his family.
7. The Classic Dad T-shirt. Dad can always use an extra T-shirt especially if its message is about him. Dads love to be proud of their family and a “Dad” T-shirt does just that.
8. A Robe. A big, fluffy, comfortable bathrobe sends dad the message, “You deserve to unwind and relax.” Giving a robe will make any dad feel appreciated and cherished.
9. Personalized Gifts. Give dad a wallet or a picture frame engraved with a message of love. Personalized gifts are a great keepsake to hold on throughout the years.
10. Wine Accessories. If your dad enjoys wine, a great gift idea is a wine tote bag. This way dad can travel with his favorite wine and never have to be without.
This should give you a great start on your journey of searching out the perfect holiday gifts for dad. Remember, the most important part of buying the gifts for dad is celebrating the life of your dad.

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