Travel for Dads

I think one of the Cool Stuff For Dads to do is to travel with their family. Over Thanksgiving we headed to one of the Great Wolf Lodge destinations for some fun. An ideal travel destination is one that offers fun for the whole family. This was our 2nd visit to a Great Wolf Lodge and they do offer a lot to do and everyone had fun. We opted for a suite which offered separate rooms for people and separate space when needed. When everyone gets to do a something they want to do it makes for a much more fun vacation. People were able to shop, go to the water park, play games, and visit a near by go kart place (which happened to be one of the best - if not the best - go kart locations I ever visited).

So, if you are thinking about Cool Stuff for Dads, think about travel. And think about locations that are fun for everyone in the family. Can't wait for our next trip!!