Vintage Snow Collectibles

There are a few snow gift ideas falling under the vintage / collectibles category that I thought worthy of mention as possible gift ideas for men. The following vintage items might be enjoyed as gifts for men interested in winter activities: (antique) wooden sleds and toboggans; vintage skis also probably wooden; and vintage snowshoes. These vintage gifts are often used for decoration; at home or a vacation mountain home. If you think they would be used as wall hangings you might also do the research on the necessary hardware to hang the collectibles on the wall. This would save the recipient some added time in checking this out and acquiring the necessary products to do so. Of course, that might be part of the fun for them, it gives them an excuse to make a trip to the local hardware store.

More snow stuff for men

Continuing on the idea of Winter Sports I thought I would brainstorm some more snow related stuff that men would either enjoy or find useful (and most times those useful gifts are just as appreciated as those that are "fun" related, if you know what I mean).  So here goes the brainstorm: ice melt products like rock salt and related accessories, like spreaders; toys and games for men for after the day on the slopes and playing in front of the fire; mugs and glasses for holding his favorite beverage for after a day on the slopes; a windshield cover to protect against the snow; an ice scraper; a coupon book of car washes; a top of the line snow shovel (I often find myself buying the least expensive but wish I had a better shovel); fireplace accessories; outdoor skating rink kit; snow shoes ... feel free to comment with other ideas and links to other related products.  I'll be sure to post again if I can come up with a decent list of additional ideas.  For now, hoping there is some snow in your forecast!

Dads Winter Sports

Winter offers some great sports for men, like skiing and snowboarding, which can be a lot of fun and provide some great exercise. So if you are considering a gift for Dad, you might think about some of the Winter Sports he enjoys. Here are a few gift ideas for him that come to mind: new winter coat; snow pants; skiing magazine; new pair of gloves; a cool winter hat; a skiing / snowboarding helmet; goggles; a box of Duraflames; new ski or snowboard equipment; a lift ticket for a favorite mountain (lift tickets for at least two, of course); a hot chocolate maker; a lesson (beginner to advanced) and so on. Here at we hope you are enjoying this Winter Season and taking advantage of all it has to offer!

It's the Thought (fulness) That Counts

I wanted to carry on a point from the last post and on the adage, "it's the thought that counts". I think there is a lot of merit in this and wanted to take it a step further to say that "it's the thoughtfulness that counts". I actually googled this and found some other folks making this same point. What I think is meant by this is you can have the thought of buying a gift, go to a store or shop online and pick out something very nice for the recipient you are shopping for, but thoughfulness expands on these efforts. It takes it a step further by your taking the added time to really think about what's going on in the life of your gift recipient and, again, brainstorming for some gift that has great relavance to the interests and current activities of that person. It's the added time and thought that will make that gift great. So if you are shopping for Birthday presents, Father's Day Gifts, Christmas Gifts, or some present in general, remember, "it's the thoughtfulness that counts".

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

OK, this is uncharacteristic for me, I am way ahead of the curve on an upcoming event/holiday, meaning Valentine's Day.  I think I was surfing the web yesterday and came across something that reminded me. With Valentine's being on Feb. 14 that makes this post almost a month in advance.  I have to admit, I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day nor am I the big romantic.  I think the easiest and most appreciated Valentine's Day Gift for a Woman is flowers - I am thinking red roses.  But how about for a guy - you are probably not going to send a man flowers on Valentine's Day?  I think the basic rules for gift giving for Valentine's Day follow most other gift occasions, like Birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, etc.  And now that we are thinking about it way in advance, there is some time to brainstorm and track down that perfect gift (unless you stumbled across this blog post well after its written date).  So start brainstorming on the things that interest your man and try and look for a gift that relates well to those interests.  Whatever you decide on, if you take the time to think about it and look for it, that thoughtfulness will shine through on the gift you give.  Happy searching and shopping!

Best Gifts for Dad

We are continually on the look out for the Best Gifts for Dad. We feature mainly links and products from other vendors which allows us to offer a wide selection of gift ideas for men.

For example, one of the top products currently on the list at after searching "Best Gifts for Dad" is:

- Jack of All Trades Gourmet Food Snacks & Treats Gift Basket for Him

We give a lot of thought about the product mix offered at the Cool Stuff For Dads Gift Blog. We try to offer a great place for shoppers looking for the best gifts for Dad. We are continually brainstorming what these products should be, based on life experiences, travel, the best gifts we receive, etc.

We've written about some vintage gifts in the past, and think this has a lot of merit. These vintage gifts can often be hard to find for a shopper so it seems to make sense to offer easy place to find them. We plan on continuing our brainstorming and keeping you posted.

Feel free to contact us on what you might think represents the best gifts for Dad. Thanks!!

NFL Playoff Weekend

It was an exciting weekend of NFL football. Here are the results of the playoff games played:

Baltimore - 13
Tennessee - 10

Pittsburgh - 35
San Diego - 24

Philadelphia - 23
New York Giants - 11

Arizona - 33
Carolina - 13

Next week should also provide a lot of excitment as the winning teams above (listed in bold) fight to get into the Super Bowl. Of course, we will be rooting for the Eagles. It's been an interesting season but we're hoping for their continued success this post season. Go BIRDS!!


Congratulations to the Florida Gators

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for winning the BCS championship. It was a good game. I have written sports related posts on the CoolStuffForDads Blog before and will from time to time. Many men, and Dads, enjoy sports and have favorite teams. So when shopping for a gift for Dad, keep this in mind. Some quick ideas that come to mind include: tickets to a game, hats, t-shirts, other team logo products (e.g. lamps), sports memorabilia, favorite player autographs ...

With the BCS championship now over, it is time to refocus on the NFL playoffs with the home team, Philadelphia Eagles, still in it. Go BIRDS!!


We have been remodeling at We have been working to improve a variety of areas in order to make the shopping experience better for our visitors. We are also examining our product selection to make sure we are providing the best gift ideas for Dads. We plan to keep at it until we are comfortable with what we are offering. Thanks for visiting our online store and our Blog. Feel free to let us know your feedback.

Antique Vintage Toy Hubley Gun

Carrying on the topic of vintage gifts, I am sharing a picture of a Hubley Toy Gun we own, it was given to us as a gift, and really makes a great gift for dad. It measures just under 6 inches in length and based on some preliminary research we think it dates to the 1950s - obviously this makes it a gift over 50 years old! We hope you enjoy the photo!

Vintage Gift Category

I received a very cool gift this past Christmas. It falls under the vintage category; something old, used and with great character. It was a vintage brass, door knocker.

So when looking for unique gifts, consider the vintage gift category for some ideas - like antique door knockers, books, barware, and vintage signs. Look for products from quality vendors and in good condition (for the age). Good luck!!

Happy Belated New Year from

We were travelling over the New Year, a like ski and snowboard trip to the Poconos. As I had posted previously, travelling definitely falls under the category of cool stuff for dads, especially to a destination where everyone can find something they enjoy doing. Skiing and snowboarding can be one of those activities. It's a lot of fun and is good exercise. Equally enjoyable is the relax time after the outing, preferably in front of the fireplace.

So Happy New Year to all!! Here's to a great 2009!!!

PS is currently in remodel status. We have a few ideas and will keep you posted.