Cool Sports Memorabilia

I have received a few items under this category as gifts and we do do some collecting. I really like the stuff that is autographed. This makes a great gift idea for someone into sports. Check out the following link for some cool gift ideas for him (also don't forget the display case if appropriate):

Signed Sports Memorabilia

Baseball Season Equipment Check

Well there is some snow in the forecast for the weekend but MLB Spring Training has started and baseball practice for the kids will be starting very soon. The best time to review your needed equipment; like cleats, baseball bats, and gloves; is the start of the season. See the above photo and following link for a very cool, youth baseball bat.

DeMarini CF3 Black (-11) Youth Baseball Bat - 2009 Model

Here are links for a couple bats Dad could use:
- DeMarini Juggernaut OTC Softball Bat USSSA - Men's

- DeMarini Vendetta (-3) Adult Baseball Bat - 2009 Model

Another Fun Family Amusement Center

Here's another great family amusement center with a range of activities (including an arcade) ...

Grand Slam USA - Malvern, PA

They offer loads of fun for everyone (kids, adults, moms & dads), here is some of the cool stuff they offer:

With baseball season soon approaching, the batting cages are a great place for the kids to work on their skills.

Favorite Arcades and Video Game Locations

On topic with video games, I wanted to share some arcades we have enjoyed:

- Marty's Playland - Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD
- Northern Lights Arcade at the Great Wolf Lodge - several locations
- The Million Dollar Midway at Dave & Busters - several locations
- ESPN Zone - several locations
- Fantasy Island Amusement Park - Long Beach Island, NJ

Feel free to comment on a favorite arcade location...

Cool Dads Play Vintage Video Games

I grew up with video games and must admit I still enjoy playing. We picked up one of the battery operated plug and play models to play when we were not out and about on a recent vacation. It was compact, easy to connect, and offered a variety of games, it was a lot of fun. Here is a link for a combo pack of vintage games:

- Jakks Plug & Play TV Games Namco Classics Combo Pack: Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man, 10 Arcade Classics

And I have to admit, the following would look very cool in our basement (also see picture above):

- Namco Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Home Cabaret Cabinet Arcade Game (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga)

Guy's Guide to the Red Carpet

Well the Annual Academy Awards were on last night and unfortunately I wasn't able to catch much of it. Also unfortunately, I can't say I am too familiar with many of this year's nominations. That's probably been the case now for a few years. We just can't seem to make it to the movie theaters very often, and I tell myself I'll try and catch some of these films on DVD after they are released, but that never seems to happen either. I usually try to look for the good side of things and at least I am building a nice inventory of films to watch when life does slow down - I do enjoy watching a good movie.

In some regards, I like watching movies at home. There's no crowd, the snacks are cheaper, the walk to the bathroom is shorter, and your allowed to drink beer while watching the movie. Although there are certainly benefits to catching on the big screen, for example: the big screen, less likely to be interrupted, going out is more festive, you can always get dinner and drinks before or after the movie.

Well whatever your preference, home or movie theater, here are links to a few guy movies that I have always enjoyed and seem to be able to watch again and again (listed in no particular order):

Wedding Crashers - Unrated (Widescreen New Line Platinum Series)


Stripes (Unrated Extended Cut)

Old School (Unrated) [HD DVD]

GoodFellas (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Very Cool Sled

OK, I am flip-flopping between Spring exercise and winter fun. One of our visitors just commented on the above pictured sled. This cool sled ranks up there with the vintage wooden sled that one of the other parents brought out this season (i.e. from their childhood). For product information, click on the following link to follow to

CherryMax Hammerhead Pro Sled (Black/ Yellow)

P.S. This would make a very cool gift for Dad!

Guy's Exercise Equipment

Despite the skiing this winter, I still have managed to put on a couple of pounds - OK more than a couple. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and so on, I guess I can't really be too suprised.

While I am not a health expert, I know from personal experience, that there are a couple ways I can lose weight. The first is to cut down on the amount of food and drink I consume. The second is to be more consistent about my exercise routines. And with the weather still being a little questionable, I personally like the treadmill for getting a good workout. For product information you can follow the below link for a treadmill which would make a great choice:

Proform C 525 Treadmill

In addition to being able to stay warm and dry on a treadmill, you can also have easy access to the television to catch your favorite sports channel, financial updates, news, movies, sitcoms, etc.

Of course, it is advised that people starting an exercise program should consult their physician.

Ski and Snowboard Equipment for Guys

I have written a little bit now about some of the winter sports people participate in. We had another weekend at the slopes for the long President's Weekend. The outings we have had this year have been a lot of fun!!

It seems you learn a little bit each outing, in terms of the clothes you should wear, the equipment you should have, the best way to secure lift tickets, etc. I will tell you, having the right equipment is important. Ski and snowboard equipment certainly makes for a cool guy gift.

I have been considering a helmet recently for our outings. The following link takes you to one of the brands I have seen on the slopes; and this helmet is technically advanced for the perfect audio set up, check it out!!

Giro Omen Wireless Audio Winter Ski Helmet - Matte Pewter

Lincoln's 200th Birthday brings gift ideas for the history buff

Well the snow has melted and it has turned milder, but don't worry, there is still plenty of winter left and time for snow sports.

However, changing gears a little, today, February 12, 2009, marks Lincoln's 200th Birthday. I'm not sure if there is more information now about our history, or I am becoming more interested as time goes on, or both. But there seems to be some interesting stories now around that I had no idea about as a kid.

So, with the 200th Birthday of Lincoln comes some cool gift ideas for men who are into history. For example, there's plenty of good books to choose from on the particular person or topic your gift recipient is interested in. Or you might consider the gift ideas for him falling under the vintage / collectible category. Things like collectible coins, old photos or paintings, war artifacts, letters, and other historical memorabilia. You can check out eBay or Google and do some searching to come up some specific ideas for your situation.

Hopefully you will find this a helpful tip when considering gifts for men. This will be our last post prior to Valentine's Day - hopefully you have taken care of that already and if not, put your thinking cap on, for some last minute shopping.

Ski and snowboard lessons as a gift

I got the idea to write about ski and snowboard lessons as a gift idea for men from some comments on a previous post. Now not everyone is going to appreciate getting or taking a lesson, so you have to have a sense of this when considering this as a gift idea. Skiing and snowboarding is a challenging sport. When you have mastered some techniques it can be a lot of fun. An outing can be frustrating as well if you are falling down more than you are actually skiing or snowboarding. A good lesson can really make a difference. So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone, and you think they would enjoy the instruction, you might consider giving a ski or snowboard lesson.

...let it snow, let it snow!

Well we ended up with more snow than I expected - check out the post from yesterday. We had a lot of fun outside last night and this morning. I do think snow at night is just very peaceful and relaxing. I was still thinking about the higher end, possibly ergonomic snow shovel as I was cleaning the driveway. Since has a Home and Garden section, it certainly makes sense to consider offering a high end line of snow shovels. Snow shoveling is a chore I really don't mind doing.
Hopefully you are enjoyng the weather where you are...

Let it snow ...

I know many people are ready for warmer weather, but I am enjoying the current winter weather and generally welcome the snow we receive. I am sure I will be ready for the warmer weather once Spring arrives but for now I am enjoying this. Today we awoke to a little snow. The forecast suggests we could get anywhere from one to three inches. It will be enough that the driveway and walk needs shoveling. I think if you are looking for some Cool Stuff For Dads, you might consider a very high end snow snovel. I have started to do a little research on this but haven't come up with anything definitive. If you are aware of any top of the line snow shovels, free to comment on our blog, and provide links to recommended products. For now, I will be enjoying our snowy weather...

Super Bowl Thoughts

Well today is the Super Bowl. I will watch it while enjoying some food and drink. I am leaning towards the Cardinals but won't be real upset by the outcome. I would have much rather seen the Philadelphia Eagles today, I think we are finally over their loss a couple weeks ago. One of the tough things about the Super Bowl is that it marks the end of the NFL season and the games we would watch on TV on Sunday afternoons. For whatever reason, something seems to be missing when there is not a game to turn on. We'll plan on catching some of the other stuff that is starting soon: NASCAR, MLB, of course there is the NBA now, and NCAA Basketball. Maybe now is the time to be on the look out for some Cool Stuff for Dads that will help to fill the football void.